The Designer behind the Brand

Somy London was Launched in 2021 by Somayia MZ  (that’s me!) .I graduated from Fashion Design 2020. Even as the world was changing with lockdown, I wouldn't change it as this was the most rewarding adventure I have overcome. I was able to exceed in the industry that is very close to my heart - and that was the beginning of my dream.



The brand name, Somy, was formed from my name Somayia. Somayia means a beautiful garden in a haven, surrounded with roses and flowers. In my journey of tailoring, style and fashion, much like the meaning of my name, I felt that I was growing into this garden. My skills and understanding sprouted from inspiration and love and has now fruitfully grown into my fashion business. 

The other reason I decided on Somy is I want people who wear my design to think this is 'So Me' 

My job is to appreciate every woman’s growth as an individual, hear them out, and envision the final product perfectly designed and shaped to enhance their beauty.The goal was to bring my excitement for tailoring and use it to make women feel empowered by creating sharp and stunning garments. 

Fashion has always been my passion from a young age, so much so, I used to love to play dress-up with my Mother's garments when I was younger and making fashion illustrations when I was back home, where women were restricted to express themselves through fashion.

We had to fight to be heard. My job was to help the fight be seen, and what a powerful sight to behold. That's when I realised the importance of fashion and how it affects our mood and energy.

Fashion is not just about throwing on clothes and stepping out the door, it is a physical representation of your strength, your individuality, and your resolve. How you perceive yourself is directly channelled to your feelings and self-esteem – we can choose to see ourselves as beautiful each and every day.