Embark on a transcendent journey into the heart of Nuristan with our latest collection, a testament to resilience amid adversity. Drawing inspiration from the ancient name of Afghanistan, where darkness and light interweave like the enduring spirit of Afghan women, this collection is a personal odyssey reflecting the transformative power of Nuristan. Commencing with Nyx, the Goddess of Night, symbolizing universal struggles with anxiety and fear, "Nuristan" pays homage to the contrasts of this land. Witness the metamorphosis of the human spirit, a tribute to freedom and empowerment. Rooted in ancient Greek elements, this collection celebrates strength, mirroring the fight for recognition in the stories of Afghan women. At SOMY LONDON, we proudly embrace the philosophy of slow luxury, crafting garments with care and intention, producing only once an order is placed. Our commitment to timeless, investment pieces challenges the throwaway fashion narrative. We champion neutral tones and classic tailoring, continually improving our sourcing and supply chain practices for a more sustainable future. Welcome to "Nuristan," where designs embody transformation, resilience, and the radiant power of empowerment.